Extern programming: Practices and rituals instead of models and methods. Investments in software are generally known as a risky business. The «Agile» or «extreme» methods promise the reduction of project risks. However, in the mean time they require rethinking and the joy of experimentation of everyone involved. PDF »

«Being Extreme.» Interview with Kent Beck. PDF »

Can you make money with open-source software? Hardly any project can manage without Open-Source-Software and many commerical products already contain additions from free sources. But who actually pays for the production of the free programs? PDF»

IPv6: Islands, conntected through tunnels. The next internet address generation «IPv6» is at the start in Europe. The technology is ready for use, only the reason the switch is still missing. A task force wants to do persuasion work here.PDF »

About Agile practices, open software, identity management

Who am I and what am I allowed to do? Identity management counts as requirement for successful E-business applications. But companies can often only create consistent data with the help of «Meta-Directories». Although the market is still new, the software creators are already in their starting blocks.PDF »

Erich Gamma: «For the development of development tools big pants bags are a must.» The company IBM has «Eclipse», the successor of the successful development platform «Visual Age Java», published as open source code. IBM invested 40 million US-Dollars for «Eclipse» so far. The german news page "die Netzwoche" asked Erich Gamma about the backgrounds. PDF »

"Once in my life I got to feel like a rockstar."

-- Erich Gamma

  • Instant messaging: Jabber chats with everyone. PDF »

  • First kids of the world wide web: The bloggers are coming. PDF »

  • Swiss open source software on the road to success. PDF »

  • Web Services: Middleware for the internet. PDF »

  • CMS providers facing new challenges. PDF »

  • Open Source made in Switzerland. A report. PDF »

  • Grid Computing: Computer power from the socket. PDF »

  • Interview with Erich Gamma about and XP. PDF »