Pay What You Want

You think sustainably and for the good of the whole. Your organisation conserves ressourcen, is sustainable and committed to the common good — Then "Pay What You Want" applies to you.

Pay What You Want means: You pay as much as YOU want. The process is following:

  1. You give me a task.
  2. I'm going to implement your idea and task.
  3. You determine the value of the accomplishment in your eyes.
  4. After the valueing you determine the price.
  5. Three days after the delivery of the product you tell me the price.
  6. I'm going to create an invoice with the amount chosen by you.
  7. You pay the invoice within 10 days.
  8. If you have a new idea or task, we begin again...

Pay What You Want only counts for sustainably, ethically valuable, projects.

The condition: You convince me of your ideas and plans!